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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Monday 17th April 2006
Beachy Head

We took a ride out to Beachy Head via the little hamlet of Litlington where we visited the tea rooms and the church. The churchyard was covered in Lesser Celandine and Daffodils which made up for the fact that the church was locked up to keep us out!
It was bank holiday Monday, so the roads were packed with lunatics and there were thousands of people tramping about shouting and screaming. We couldn't walk far when we got to Beachy Head as Gill has hurt her foot. That is going to stop her running for a few days, so we are packing her trotter in ice as often as possible so that she can get back to her training.
The weather on the coast was great but a bit blustery. Although Beachy Head is a great landing place for all of the birds that are returning now from migration, we didn't see all that much. We spotted several Skylarks, a Stonechat, a Willow Warbler and some Dunnocks.
The flowers up there are not out in strength yet, although there is always something in flower up there. They say that when gorse is not flowering, then kissing is out of fashion. It flowers every day of the year and there was plenty up there today. We also spotted some Wood Dog Violets, which are les common than the Common Dog Violet (Viola riviniana) that is more often seen.

Lesser Celandine and Daffodils

Wood Dog Violets (Viola reichenbachia)