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Saturday 17th March 2007
Arlington Reservoir - Alfriston - Firle beacon - Selmeston - Arlington Reservoir
15 miles

With the bike running perfectly again and a great days weather predicted, we decided to do a 15 mile circular walk from Arlington Reservoir to the village of Alfriston, on to Firle Beacon on the Downs and then back to Arlington via Selmeston.  As usual the wind up at Firle beacon was phenomenal! The only thing that ruined the day for us was seeing a load of fox hunters on the downs. They may not have caught any foxes, but they were certainly disturbing all the other wildlife in the area.

Blue and white violets in flower. They were covering both sides of a drovers track.

The cathedral of the Downs. St Andrews in Alfriston.

The view from the downs looking back on Alfriston.

On the way up to Bostall Hill.

The tower near to the village of Firle.