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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 17th January 2009
Pulborough - Stopham - Petworth - Fittleworth - Pulborough
13.5 miles

Last night there were strong winds and torrential rain and we woke to find that the contents of the neighbours bins and washing lines had been strewn about the street. However, the weather man insisted that it was going to be sunny all day with strong gales to follow in the evening, so we took him at his word and set off by train to Pulborough. On the way we were treated to a very clear rainbow which heralded in the sunny winter's day that we were so kindly promised.
Just outside of Pulborough Gill accidentally stumbled upon a thing known as a geocache, organised by www.geocaching.com. This is a small box of hidden "treasure" that can be sought after using a GPS unit. The enclosed rules state that if you find the cache you should take an item and replace it with something else. Apparently there are
714,402 of these sites throughout the world but this was the first time we'd heard of them. Not surprising really seeing as we don't have a GPS.
This walk took us through a lot of agricultural land and farms, coppiced woods, commons and forest.
The villages of Stopham and Fittleworth are both very quiet and picturesque and Petworth supplied us both with tea and huge portions of chocolate brownies at a great credit crunch fighting price of 3.40.
Only common farmland birds seen today, but they were in great profusion, especially Chaffinches, Blue Tits and Great Tits. Hopefully the other small species came through our recent icy spell without being decimated.

Geocache and log book

Geocache instructions

We left a couple of toggles and a hairgrip and we took a pendant thing
that looked like a cross between a poodle and a sheep

Stopham Bridge next to the White Hart pub

St. Mary's, Stopham

The view from our rest bench at Petworth