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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 16th October 2010
Arundel (for boots) - Amberley.
6.5 miles

Today's walk was completely ruined by the weather!
We'd shot down to Peglers in Arundel to buy me some very badly-needed new boots.  Stage 1 of this most important mission, the purchase, was accomplished reasonably quickly and very satisfactorily. Stage 2 was to be an immediate acid test for their suitability in typical English weather by splashing through all manner of; muck, mud and water.  We were distinctly promised loads of rain and wind by Her Majesty's Meteorological Office, but quite frankly they let us down very, very badly. True, the majority of the day we were walled in by spectacular dark clouds pierced with alternating rainbows and sunbursts. Lacy curtains of rain were constantly falling a mile from us on three sides, but the very ground we walked on remained almost bone dry with clouds parting in front of us like the Red Sea for Moses. Waterproofs, coats and gaiters had to stay cooped up in bags all day long, while we were forced to put up with clear blue sky and warm sunshine. At one point I even came close to sweating and Gill had to take her hat off!? A complete nightmare.
When nightfall.. er.. fell, the crystal clear heavens rubbed our noses in it even further by giving us perfect views from Rackham Hill of Jupiter and every constellation you could indignantly wave a stick at. By the time we got to the Bridge Inn we were ridiculously clean and dry and were in no need whatsoever of the unwanted firewater that we begrudgingly threw down our necks.
What can we say, some days all your luck just seems to run out at the same time.

The Swallow Window in St. Nicholas's in Arundel.
The swallow is the town symbol and many people believe that's because the name originates from the French word for swallow - Hirondelle.

♫ These boots were made for sploshing,
and that's just what they'll do ♫.... given the chance!

Burpham church, where we were able to shelter from the clement weather.

Yeah that's right: we leave and the rain starts. Thanks very much!

A feint rainbow which we saw a buzzard fly through.

Tea leaves