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Saturday 16th August 2008
Wilmington - Folkington - Jevington - Lullington - Litlington - West Dean - Alfriston - Wilmington
13.5 miles

This fantastic walk, as can be seen from the title, took in seven "tons". All of them are picturesque from a distance and thoroughly beautiful from within. Churches are everywhere in this district and their spires peep out at you from all directions. The walk undulates through: fields, woods, heathland, open downs and along the river. Everything you need for the perfect day out and for taking in the best that the South Downs has to offer.
So park the car up, get your boots on, and take in some of this unspoilt countryside. When they ask you at work on Monday what you did at the weekend, like us you will be hard put to describe it.

The Long Man of Wilmington

The 1600 year old yew in Wilmington churchyard

St Peter's church Folkington was closed today

St Andrew's Church Jevington. There is a tap for hikers by the sign.

The vitally important tea gardens at Jevington

The gorgeous Lullington Heath nature reserve

The village of Alfriston viewed from up near Lullington Heath

The White Horse of Litlington seen from just below the nature reserve

Litlington Church, where today a wedding was taking place

Bloody-nosed Beetle (Timarcha tenbricosa). 
He's called this because he exudes a drop of blood-red liquid from his mouth when
disturbed - we didn't upset him enough for him to do this.

West Dean's 12th Century church of all saints

Harvest hassock from West Dean church

After coming through Friston Forest and over a stone stile, you are hit by this stunning view of Cuckmere Haven

A combine harvester was busy in the fields alongside Cuckmere Brooks

A Wheatear, on wheat straw

Cuckmere Brooks north of Exceat with the combine harvester top left

St Andrew's Church Alfriston, the cathedral of the downs.
There is another tap for hikers here.

The sun starting to sink over Firle Beacon as we arrive back at Wilmington