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Green Man

Wednesday 15th November 2007
Tilgate Park - Pease Pottage - Cottesmore - Buchan Park

After being cooped up at home for three days we decided to walk south through Tilgate Park past the main lake and out into the Forestry Commission land beyond known as Cherry Tree Plantation. This was once all coniferous trees but is now mixed woodland. It looked great covered in dead leaves with the low sun bathing everything in a golden light. On reaching Parish lane we headed west until we reached the footpath at New Buildings Farm. This took us out through farmland that made us forget completely that we were still in Crawley. At Cottesmore we walked across the golf course and down into Buchan Park where we saw a kingfisher patrolling the lake edge.
This was a short walk of about 6 miles or so that impressed us with its feeling of isolation despite being close to a major town and a motorway. There were plenty of birds around too that included; Sparrowhawk, Goldcrest, Fieldfare, Redwing, Kingfisher, Coal Tit, Green woodpecker and Long-tailed tit.

Blistered Cup (Peziza vesiculosa). We found this inedible fungus growing in the centre of a recently ploughed field and wondered how it got to be there. The answer is, it was transferred there with the manure that the farmer had applied.

Intense squirrel activity today

This was a new type of gate for us. It seems to be a device to stop horses entering, or possibly short men with big hats.
My brother suggests its for ladies with big bottoms!

Another gorgeous autumnal sunset