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Saturday 15th September 2007
Crawley to Lamb's Green

No bike and no money meant we had to start our walk from our home town of Crawley. We took the Red Route from Goff's Park, through to Ifield Mill and out through all of the fields of sweetcorn to the small village of Lamb's Green. A wrongly positioned footpath sign, plus very limited views due to the sweetcorn meant that we went the wrong way. We ended up completely disorientated as everywhere looked exactly the same, just sweetcorn! After much gnashing of teeth we just took a compass bearing and headed on it through hedges until we figured out where we were.
It was very hot today and by the time we got to Lamb's Green we really needed a cold beer, but of course the pub was closed. Things were not going well for us today, so we headed back to Crawley only to find that once again we had taken the wrong path. We actually ended up on the path we should have been on earlier.
Not one of the best walks we have been on admittedly, and embarrassingly it was on our own doorstep too. However, the best thing to come out of our day was to find that some parts of Crawley are still quite beautiful. The mill in particular is a great spot and surprisingly quiet too.

Goff's House

Goff's park lake

Ifield Mill.

Millstones outside the mill

Dusky Puffball (Lycoperdon nigrescens)

The red route signs that take you all the way round Crawley via the best parts of the town.

The locals were very nosy!