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Saturday 15th March 2008
Amberley - Kithurst Hill - Storrington - Parham - Pulborough Brooks - Pulborough
11 miles

We are getting seriously addicted to walking in the Amberley area, but we make no excuses for that as we love the place. It's got everything that we need!
After examining some owl pellets we found in the old stables above the museum, we headed 3 miles East along the Downs to Kithurst Hill (212 m). Considering the amount of moisture in the air we had very decent views. From there we descended via a really steep path down through the woods to Storrington, overlooking an almost vertical hanger most of the way down. Storrington village was very pretty with lots of Tudor houses and two very large churches, one of which was a very imposing looking catholic church.
We took no notice of the Met Office forecast today that said it was going to be very wet, as we were quite sure that they were going to be wrong. It turned out that we were mostly right and we only had heavy rain while we were drinking tea in RSPB Pulborough Brooks. What a result!
We managed to spy 51 species of bird today including newly arrived Sand Martins feeding over the brooks. There were certainly a lot of midges about for them to feast on. We also spotted Red Admiral and Brimstone butterflies as well as a plethora of newts in one of the ponds at PB.

Parham estate seen from Rackham Hill

A Sussex Hairy. An endangered species.

A couple of pictures of the footpath down from Kithurst Hill

It's very hard to illustrate just how steep it is

Storrington church.

A large herd of Black Fallow deer in Parham estate

They've built a new pond by the visitors centre at Pulborough Brooks.
It will be interesting to see how it changes over the next year or so.

My traditional picture of the view from the Hanger