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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Sunday 15th January 2006
Pulborough Brooks

Dickie and I went to Pulborough Brooks for sunrise to see if we could find some owls. Gill wouldn't get up at 6am on a Sunday, the lazy moo!
Anyway, we thought we saw a Little Owl when we got there but it was hard to tell for sure as it was so dark. I also got a tiny glimpse of what may have been a Barn Owl. In all we saw 30 species of bird as well as seeing some spectacular flocks of Lapwings and Greylag Geese. The highlight was a family of Bewick Swans. These have come to Pulborough from their summer home in Siberia.
We also came across a melanistic Blackbird. This is a fairly common pigment condition found in all species and does not affect the birds health at all.

Melanistic Blackbird