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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 14th November 2009

The past day or so have been extremely wet and windy with gales and flooding over the entire country and this morning was no different. Stupidly we thought it might be fun to go out into the maelstrom, but before we left home we'd already had cloud bursts, lightening and hail, so wisely we decided only to venture out using public transport. The train deposited us straight into the middle of a new thunderstorm and we sploshed our way down to the brooks hell-bent on getting to RSPB Pulborough Brooks. The flood plain around the road bridge was already inundated and when we got to the small wooden bridge we weren't too surprised to find the way ahead blocked by several feet of muddy water. The unofficial alternative route along the bank to the further bridge was also barred by a locked gate and the route along the road was the only other option. Just as we were deciding (arguing about) what to do, the already torrential rain decided to go completely doodah, forcing us to turn tail and race back to the church for the only adequate shelter from this demented aquatic attack. Even sanctuary at the church was denied us as it was locked and barred; something didn't want us in Pulborough village today. But we are British, made of tough stuff from hardy stock, so with a hastily-drunk hot flask of tea and some choccy biscuits inside us, we set off with renewed vigour straight to the train station and went home!