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Green Man
Friday 14th October 2011
Amberley - Wepham Down - The Burgh - Amberley
7 miles

The Burgh area has been so productive in terms of raptors lately that I just couldn't resist going for another quick hunt, besides, Wepham Down is just a beautiful place to be on such a sunny, autumn afternoon.
I'd only got as far as Downs Farm before the first Red Kite turned up. These birds which were once extinct in England are now doing so well that you can expect to see them every time you come to this area. Kites prefer to eat carrion so maybe they're making sure that all of the road kill on Sussex roads isn't going to waste. If they are then they're doing a fantastic job of recycling.
Kestrels and Buzzards soon followed, as well as flock after flock of Goldfinch and Linnet. It soon became apparent which bird was going to take centre stage though, as it seemed that every five minutes I was being treated to a fly-past by a Hen Harrier. There appeared to be at least three individuals, perhaps even four, including a very rufous juvenile and they had the most amazing ability to just vanish and reappear somewhere else.

Rackham Hill.

Red Kite.

A Kestrel on its favourite perch.

Female Stonechat surrounded by flies.

Hen Harriers at the Burgh.


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