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Monday 14th July 2008
Ifield - Rusper - Ifield
8.1 miles

This circular stroll takes place very close to Crawley and the flight path of Gatwick airport, but between the take offs, there is peace and quiet to be found. Although a productive area, the woods and hedgerows hereabouts are bustling with life. Sitting quietly in a shady corner out of the reach of the beaming sun, the animals soon forget about you and start to show themselves. A little owl, disturbed from digging for worms, flew up to a dead tree to have a staring contest with its antagonist, a kestrel swooped down on some unsuspecting prey and devoured it in three beakfulls, and a roe deer perplexed and confused by distant barking dogs, escaped into the woods in leaps and bounds.

A Saffron Bolete (Leccinium crocipodium) found growing beside the footpath at Ifield golf club

Small meadows full of insect life

Oedemera nobilis. This beautiful 10 mm long shiny beetle feeds on pollen.

Wheat ripening in the sun

Little owl looking at me with disdain

Roe deer