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Wednesday 13th June 2007
Old Lodge - Slow Worm

It was a beautiful hot day all the time we were stuck in our offices. The moment we decided to shoot up to old lodge in the Ashdown Forest it started to get gloomy and drizzly. That didn't really ruin anything though, because we soon found a female slow worm (Anguis fragilis) under the same corrugated iron where Robert and I had found one
recently. You can definitely see why they are called slow worms, as it didn't hardly move a muscle all the time we were looking at it. If this had been any other animal it would have shot off as soon as it saw us.
We also had great views of roding Woodcock and there were a couple of Nightjars churring too. There were woodpeckers and tawny owls calling and we saw one large bat. We didn't get to see any nightjars in flight though, even though we were searching hard until nightfall.

The Slow Worm (Anguis fragilis)

You can see that the sides of the slow worm are much darker than the rest of it.
There is also a very thin black line running down the centre of its back. This all indicates that this is a female.