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Green Man

Saturday 12th July 2014
Glynde - Firle Beacon - Bostall Hill - Norton - Beddingham Hill - Glynde - Mount Caburn - Lewes.

15 miles.

This was a fitness test as much as anything. Usually we start slow in the morning and speed up during the afternoon but today I kept us moving at a good pace right from the off.
Despite seeing over 20 species of bird, including House Martins nesting at Firle village stores, this month does count as the 'doldrums' for birdwatching. What we didn't see flying with feathers though was made up for in abundance by butterflies and other insects.
One sad point was finding a very poorly baby rabbit on the path. I thought it may be suffering from the heat (just as we were) so I picked it up and dabbed some cold water on it but it just breathed slower and slower and was totally unresponsive. We put it down gently and I'm pretty sure it was as good as dead before we left. It did not seem to be damaged or in any pain and there was nothing we could do for it. That's nature for you.
When we got back to Glynde we had the choice of getting the train straight home from there or walking across Mount Caburn and having a beer at Lewes. The lure of a cold pint of Harvey's sped us on to over 4mph and we got to Lewes in record time despite the heat, the steep climb to the top and being attacked by Cockchafer beetles on the way.
After such a blistering pace on such a hot day, the promised cold one went down a real treat.

All the crops are looking as if they're nearly ready. Soon be harvest time.

Firle church is having a face lift!

These folds in the downs above Firle (known as re-entrants in navigation) always stop us in our tracks.

A huge swathe of poppies.

The last part of our march comes into view - Mount caburn.

Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.