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Green Man

Saturday 12th June 2021
Barcombe Cross - Barcombe - Cooksbridge - Mount Harry - Offham - Hamsey - Barcombe cross. 10.2 miles

Another scorcher and by the time we parked up our tempers were heating up too. There are numerous places in the area called Barcombe something or other. All the signs point to Barcombe and when you enter the villages they say Welcome to Barcombe. Then you find you're at Barcombe something or other - a mile from where you wanted to be. We made so many u-turns my head is still spinning.
Ok Andy - count to 10 a couple of times - try to coax blood pressure back to normal - listen to the birdsong, breathe, relax... Om mani pani hom, Om mani pani hom......Right, OK, let's start walking.

Once we'd figured out which village we were in and altered our route accordingly it all very quickly became a halcyon day. About 25 degrees, with the odd little breeze, and hardly any human beings. Just us, the birds and the flowers. The route meanders through meadows and little villages below the Downs, then gains the hilltop at Mount Harry, descends through superb downland and woods to Offham, follows the river to a tiny hamlet and a showpiece of an ancient church, before ending with a walk along a section of long-distance footpath (The Sussex Ouse Valley Way) through hedgerowed farmland. All that plus tea and home-made coffee & walnut cake. That's more than good enough for us, we're easily pleased.

It was very hot going though, with shade being sought out during the steamy afternoon and Gill had to have emergency tea and a sandwich on Mount Harry before things got ugly. Again, we had enough provisions etc but next time we are going to carry an extra litre of water with us, just to be sure. Gill says she wants enough to be able to pour some over her head!

Little used footpaths across huge meadows.

From one magical and merciful shady spot to another.

Our green county on a perfect June day.

The old beacon on Mount Harry and the path leading off to Offham.

The view of Lewes from Offham chalk pit.

Beautiful St. Peters' at Hamsey, which is being so lovingly restored.
Friends of Hamsey Church.

Part of the churchyard, which is now managed as a meadow.

Go for the day out to Lewes, take a walk up the river, and support this ancient place.

Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.