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Tuesday 12th March 2008
Tilgate Park and conifer plantations to the south
5 miles

A short walk to get a breath of fresh air and to get away from writing my thesis for a few hours. I managed to get views of a kingfisher and a grey wagtail on Campbell's lake, as well as great-crested grebes in breeding plumage catching fish for each other as love tokens. A fisherman told me that he had followed the grebes to try to catch his own fish. Apparently he is going to be fishing there, day and night until the weekend! I hope he makes it through the approaching storm.
If you take the path out of the park over the bridge, you may notice that one of the tall trees bordering the M23 is not all it seems....

Here it is.

It's actually one of these new-fangled telephone thingies!

Canada Goose detail