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Green Man
Saturday 11th October 2014
Amberley - The Burgh - Burpham - North Stoke - Amberley
9 miles

A circle with a 5 mile radius around Amberley encompasses many of our favourite places on the planet but Gill hadn't visited for what seemed like ages. I didn't need any persuading so our start point was confirmed. We haven't seen any Harriers for ages either and if we were going to see one then it would probably be up near the Burgh, just south of Amberley, so part of our route was sorted too.
The forecast for today was for heavy rain, all day. Resigned to this but with a smidgeon of British optimism we togged up and blapped (it's a word, look it up) down to Amberley on the bike. We managed to dodge a number of huge rain showers on the way until we got to Storrington High Street where we got a good bucket or two thrown at us. Amberley station was just breaking out into full sun when we arrived and the offending rain cloud sailed off ahead of us as we climbed up onto the downs. We finally gave it the complete slip by heading south to the Burgh. Always good for birds of prey there and sure enough we found Kestrel, Red Kite and Buzzard but unfortunately no Harriers of any kind this time. We also spotted Raven, Goldfinch, skylark (of course) and about 15-20 House martins.

The bike back in one of its favourite parking spots.

Now the bothy is open to view from High Titten it makes the old place far less appealing.
What did make it appealing though was the rain cloud above and we used it for shelter just in time.

The rangers have decided to take down the altar fire because people obviously didn't know what it was for.
Kindly, everything you need for a fire is supplied!

The newly-imported flock of sheep on Springhead Estate are getting the grass cutting under control at last.
The small herd of cows that were there before were just not up to the job.

One of several black ones that drifted over or around us.

A crashed cloud!.... Actually it's wool.

Cotton wool.

Ruined wool!
You're going to have a terrible time brushing all that out!

Red Kite.

Golden hour began as we got to Burpham church.


Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.