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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 11th August 2018
Southease - Telscombe - Breaky Bottom - Swanborough Hill - Iford - Northease - Rodmell - Southease
10 miles

The extreme heatwave that seems to have engulfed most of the world (is it Armageddon?) has finally broken and the heavens have been left partially open by a careless angel. The resulting deluge has not flooded parts of the UK out into the sea as is usual, instead the countryside has started to return to a semblance of  normality. The grass is beginning to re-green, trees that have already desperately dropped some of their fruit, nuts and leaves are looking a lot more relieved. The temperature is much more comfortable and manageable and hiking has become a pleasure again.
To celebrate surviving the drought we sought green views and evidence that the crops had not all withered in the fields, so we started at Southease near the River Ouse (like so many other rivers in the world its name means 'River River'. Go figure!) and headed out into the farmed downland area around Breaky Bottom (what a beautiful bottom it is too!). On the way I wanted to show Gill the hidden village of Telscombe and in particular its youth hostel, of which I have some happy memories. On arrival we found that the building is now three private cottages which was a bit upsetting but overall our mood was raised considerably by the large harvests, the bales of hay everywhere, the fields of bulging corn cobs and the continued good health of our beloved Downs which are covered in flowers.


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