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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks in Sussex throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 11th July 2009
Litlington - West Dean - Cuckmere Haven - East Dean - Willingdon Hill - Jevington - Windover Hill - Litlington
13.5 miles  

First thing I did this morning was to stub my toe really hard, and let me tell you, a swollen and bruised pinkie is not the perfect way to prepare for a long walk! Next we had to ride 40 slippery miles, in the rain, to Litlington in East Sussex where greyness and drizzle were the themes of the day. We weren't about to allow any of this to dampen our spirits though, as we were determined to have a good day out in possibly the most scenic part of Sussexshire. Anyway, after all of the hot, beaming sunshine of late, it made a nice change to feel that we were back in the middle of autumn. To make it feel more autumnal we found quite a few fungi, including a new one (to us) that we found growing on cow pats. To remind us that it was still summer; butterflies, bees and hover flies surrounded us all day and we were both bitten by mosquitoes in Friston Forest, with Gill even getting one on the eyelid!
Although we missed out on a lot of the downland views, especially on the last section over Windover Hill, the low cloud and mist made everything seem mysterious and isolated, which was good enough for us.

The White Horse of

Dark Green Fritillary - a little ragged looking but still a beauty!
In Sussex, these butterflies are only found on chalk downland between June and late August.

What great eyes it has too. The name refers to some green scales on its underneath, which you cannot see in these photos.

Belle tout and the Seven Sisters under grey skies

Cuckmere Haven

Marbled White Butterfly

A Five Spot Burnet caterpillar