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Friday 11th July 2008
Pulborough Brooks

The air smelt decidedly sweet as I walked along the Arun towards the RSPB reserve, partly due to the Meadow Sweet that was flowering amongst the many grasses growing along the riverbank.  The sugariness of the air and of the flowers had turned the day into a butterfly festival.
Black-tailed godwits were feeding on the north brooks while, above a maelstrom of swifts and house martins, a hobby circled high overhead. A kestrel took the perch at the Hanger where a peregrine usually likes to sit, and looked down on the deer feeding in the long grass.

Buddleia - The Butterfly Bush

Meadow Sweet


Cinnabar moth caterpillars

Painted lady

Peacock butterfly


Comma butterfly. You can see the white comma shaped mark on its wing that gives it its name.


Tiny adder. To get an idea of the scale, look at the rabbit droppings above it!

The view from the Hanger