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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Wednesday 11th March 2009
Pulborough Brooks

An early finish from work on a beautiful, sunny afternoon gave me the chance to shoot down to Pulborough Brooks RSPB to see if I could spot any adders. They'd  been spotted there recently sunning themselves after waking from their long hibernation and a warm, sunny day like this is a perfect time to see them. Although I have seen snakes curled up together, including a male and a female and I've found baby ones too, I'm still hoping to see some males fighting in the mating season as I've never seen that.
Sure enough, after sneaking along making sure my shadow wasn't passing over my search area, I soon found a female curled up by the side of the path. On closer inspection I could see that it was actually two females curled up together. Perhaps they were trying to keep warm.

Then, a short distance away, I found another female by herself.


I used my zoom lens to get these pictures so that I didn't upset the snakes, although they didn't seem very frightened of humans. Perhaps this is because they are in a nature reserve and feel less threatened than normal, or perhaps they're still very lethargic.