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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 11th March 2006
Plumpton Agricultural College - BBS training

I've had a bit more trouble with the bike. The extra computer I put on it to control the fuel injection seems to have packed up. I had to get home the other day at 30mph. I put it back to the factory settings and it started running, but the stock computer needs to be updated by the Harley Davidson mechanics on Tuesday so that it runs with the correct air/fuel settings. So until then, it is off the road again. This caused a problem this morning as we needed to be at Plumpton Agricultural College, East Sussex by 9.30am for a training course for the breeding bird survey )BBS) we will be carrying out this spring (see February in previous latest stuff). So we had to go by train, which required us getting up at 5am to get there in time. I don't think Gill was awake until we were half way there.
Reading through the instructions for the survey previously had left us with quite a confused expression on our faces, but after a few hours of careful explanation by the people from the Sussex Ornithological Society we felt totally in control of things.
The next stage is for us to go to our square kilometre in Staplefield and do a habitat survey. This is a detailed explanation of all of the habitats that we will be surveying. We will probably do that next week when the bike is available.

Just about awake.

Plumpton station stops right next to Plumpton Racetrack. We had to walk right through the place to get to the college.

A nice early morning walk to the college to wake us both up.

We got to use our new skills in the grounds of the college. It was bitterly cold though and started to snow.