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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Thursday 10th October 2013
Bodmin Moor
10 miles

We managed to pick the right day for a wander around the moor as it was dry, clear and bright with a fresh breeze. To start the walk we only had to walk out of our cottage door!
On this hike we took on 3 tors, Garrow's Tor, Brown Willy (the highest point in Cornwall), Rough Tor (pronounced Rowter) as well as Louden Hill. It's all pretty easy going as long as you stay away from the marshy areas. The rocks make this walk though, they are all sculpted by the weather and as well as being strewn about the place by glaciers they are also used for walls, stone circles, cairns and markers. They are also found balancing on top of each other, sometimes quite precariously. You get a great grip on them as you're climbing and descending the tors and you can leap about the place like a billy goat!
You also share the place with Ravens, Wheatears, sheep, cows and ponies but as far as today was concerned very few people. That's the beauty of going on holiday off season.

We leave Lavender Barn (an ex pig sty) and head straight onto the moor.

Luckily we left the bike at the cottage.

Goodbye civilisation!

First objective - a place called King Arthur's Hall with Rough Tor and Brown willy in the distance.

The moor is a conglomerate of plants..

... and the rocks are a conglomerate too.

On top of Brown Willy (stop it!)

Rough Tor. It's even rougher when you get up close.

Another sign post to our collection.

A great spot for some tea and cake before the final push to the top of Rough Tor.

We had a great route through the boulder field from the summit, which is not a great place to get the camera out.

We managed to navigate our way around most of the marshy bits on the way home.
We were even able to rise above this lot on a raised bank.

Back to the fire with memories of an incredible day of exploring.

Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.