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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 10th April 2010
Bosham - West Itchenor - Bosham
7 miles

We've only ever passed through this area quickly on the way home from Thorny Island and as it's one of West Sussex's most famous beauty spots it was high time we had a good look around. Bosham village has thatched houses, an arts & crafts centre, cafes, a stunning church and a very scenic quay. It also looks out onto a beautiful section of Chichester Harbour.
Sitting on one of the benches at the quay we watched as a Red-breasted Merganser swam elegantly in front of us before hauling out of the water to reveal itself as a big, dumpy, clumsy looking duck. Along with all of the many species of birds in Chichester Harbour there's also at least one Osprey, but, as usual we didn't get to catch sight of it today.
Bosham is without doubt a very beautiful place but it's very popular. To get away from the crowds you can do what we did and take the very pleasant walk southwards down the coastal path. After 2.5 miles you come to the ferry point where the tiny boat takes walkers and push bikes across Chichester Channel to West Itchenor.

This simple route just follows the coastal path southwards from Bosham to the small ferry point, across to West Itchenor and down the coast from there.
Later we retraced our steps back to Bosham.

Bosham Church

Daffodils and Snakes Head Fritillaries in the churchyard.


Red Breasted Merganser

Waiting for the ferry at low tide.

This causeway at Bosham is crossable only at low tide.