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Saturday 10th March 2007
Hassocks - Ditchling Beacon - Plumpton Plain - Falmer
12 miles

We had a great walk today, about 12 miles (18 k) from Hassocks to Falmer along the South Downs way. This took us over Ditchling Beacon where you can see for miles in every direction. Along the way we saw 4 windmills, buzzards, a peregrine, a hen harrier and a kestrel. We were also escorted the whole way by skylarks singing from high up in the air.
Along the way we came across a sheep in a field that was lying down and seemed in some distress. We were just wondering if it was going to give birth, when some people came along and told us that Sussex sheep are very square shaped and can't get up if they fall over. So I hopped over the fence to see if I could help. When it saw me getting close to it with a determined look on my face, it gave another extra surge of strength and made it to its feet unaided. Stupid sheep!


One of the two windmills named Jack and Jill on top of the downs above Pyecombe. This one is Jill.

And here's jack.

There are quite a few dew ponds along this stretch of the footpath. They all seemed to be very full up too.

Blackthorn in flower.

Plenty of mud still around too. We love it!

The whole day was full of panoramic views that have to be witnessed to be best appreciated.