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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
September 9th to 19th 2017
Staveley, Lake District National Park.

Frankly, I could just leave it at that and show you some photos. We had a brilliant time in the wettest place in England and we had the most jaw-dropping views from everywhere and we only got wet once. Ok, I did almost get hypothermia - but it was on the bike, not up a mountain. We'd been up Scafell Pike and several peaks around it all day and we'd made a dramatic, off-piste descent from up high on Seathwaite Fell mostly on our backsides, all the way down to the valley bottom and we got a bit wet. Riding home in the rain after dark and my temperature was plummeting fast. I was very wobbly and chilled to the bone by the time we got back to our cosy rented cottage.
One of the most memorable parts of the week was going through the Crinkle Crags in clear visibility. This beautiful place had been draped in thick cloud and rain every time I'd been there before. It was thrilling to see it clearly for once.
The only bit of the week that Gill didn't like was our descent off Pillar via Wind Gap. I can't say I blame her. The very steep scree slope that the 'path' follows, drops about 500 feet on the most unstable mass of small rocks you could imagine and is not the nicest place to visit, especially if like Gill you don't feel safe on the stuff. If you've never done a scree slope before then I would probably advise you to avoid them!
We revisited Hay Stacks because it's so magical up on the top and on our last day we climbed Helm Crag to visit the Lion and the lamb.

Hay Stacks

Our walk in one picture - up Hay Stacks on the right, round the back and then down Fleetwith Pike on the left.

Up we go!

The top is a magical place that needs to be explored slowly.

Looking over towards Fleetwith Pike

Dubbs Quarry

Dubbs Bothy. A lovely place to warm up and have a cuppa.

The top of Fleetwith Pike

The beautiful route straight down to the bike.

Scafell Pike from Seathwaite

A great bit of scrambling alongside the waterfall. See the gate top right?

There is our target - in the clouds above that huge tear in the Earth.

We hit the clouds

Follow the cairns along the edge

Past sheer drops

The summit - quiet, foggy and still.

Down through Allen Crags

The familiar shape of the Langdale Pikes comes into view.

Crinkle Crags (soon to follow)




Helm Crag





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