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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 9th September 2006           
Cocking - Duncton Down - Graffham - Heyshott - Cocking
11 miles

We just knew it was going to be a gorgeous day today, and for once the weatherman even agreed with us! We rode the 35 miles down the A272 to Midhurst, did a right turn and ended up at the South Downs at Cocking by midday. We then walked the 5 miles East to Duncton Down to meet up with the route we walked last Saturday. At Duncton Down we left the hills and made our way back to Cocking via the villages of Graffham and Heyshott. At Heyshott they had been harvesting all day using "old age methods". This seemed to entail loads of old tractors, traction engines and hundreds of people. We got there as they were finishing, but we were in time for an incredibly well earned ice cream followed by a cider and a sit down on a haystack. LOVELY!
We got back to the bike at 7 pm and had great evening ride back home.
Not too many species of birds visible today although we did see a sparrowhawk, loads of swallows and house martins and literally hundreds of pheasants.

The signpost at Cocking Hill. A good car park directly next to the South Downs Way. 
So what are you waiting for?

Just as you head east towards Littleton Farm, you come to this tap. Today we didn't need it, but on other occasions, after walking miles and miles in the heat, this tap is a real lifesaver.

We came across this chunky female cricket trying to cross the footpath. 
She is a Grey Bush-Cricket (Platycleis denticulata), about 24 mm long and is only found in Southern England and S and W Wales. 

This spider introduced himself while we were having a break.

Some really good walking places in this area. The scene changes every couple of minutes.

From near Cocking at about 6.30 pm. We still had to climb back onto the Downs to get to the bike.