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Saturday 9th August 2008
Firle - Alciston - Firle Beacon - Firle
7.5 miles

We knew exactly what we were getting into when we decided to go out today. Heavy rain and strong winds from the west had been forecast to hit Sussex by midday. With this in mind we hurtled down to Firle while the sun was still shining, but just a mile out of the village we started to get wet. As we expected, up on the beacon the wind was really strong and the stinging rain gave us weather-beaten but smiling faces.

Firle Church shortly before the rain started

A marble carving of a ram in Firle Church. We liked his sticky-out tongue

Hay making while the sun shines at Firle

Charleston Farmhouse, home of the Bloomsbury group

A detail in the garden at Charleston

A Norman window in Alciston church

A rainy view of Firle from up on the beacon

Beautiful undulations in the downs above Firle