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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man

Bank holiday Monday 9th April 2007
Duncton - Bignor - Sutton - Barlavington
8 miles

The weather was still hot, we were still on holiday, so off we went again! Only about 8 miles this time starting from Duncton just south of Petworth. We walked through Burton Mill and up onto the Downs to Glatting beacon. From there down again into Bignor, Sutton and Barlavington, none of which had an open pub!
This was a walk we had done before, but it is so good we had no qualms about doing it again. This time we were joined by Robert who had never done anything like this before.
There were still no April showers even though the sky did blacken a few times. Here's hoping that it starts to rain soon, or else all will be very dry by the summer.

An extremely comfy chair in the churchyard at Barlavington.

On the old Roman road of Stane Street where it crosses the Downs. Noviomagus was the Roman name for Chichester.

This fantastic Sussex barn at Barlavington took our breath away. It is still being used for the purpose it was designed for. So much better than being converted into a house.

Part of our walk was on the newly opened (yesterday) Literary trail.