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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man

Saturday 8th December 2007
Arundel to Amberley
7 miles

The weather forecast said lots of rain in the morning followed by incredible amounts of rain, hurricanes and tornadoes in the afternoon. Instead of doing the sensible thing of staying in bed, we got up at dawn and went to Arundel to walk along the Adur to Amberley. Our plan was to return to Arundel via the downs, but surprise surprise the weather was just how the met office had foreseen it. The whole floodplain was covered in large inundated areas, so we splashed our way through mud and puddles in a torrent of rain for the 7 miles or so to Amberley. We were forced to take shelter in the churches of both Burpham and North Stoke on the way, the latter having been newly consecrated that morning. When we got to Amberley we wisely decided that it was not a good day for marching over the Downs, so we got the train home from there.
Not too much wildlife about today as it was far too clever to be out and about in howling rain and gales. Mind you, we had really good fun and were glad we went for it.
Couldn't really take too many photos today as the camera is not waterproof.

Gill at the start of our walk along the south bank of the Adur.
It was already raining and the sky was ominously black. What were we thinking?

Nice view of Arundel Castle across the reeds during a small lull in the storm.

A huge, floppy fungus with the texture of wet bread at the base of an oak tree.
Not a clue, as yet, of what it is.