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Green Man

Saturday 8th September 2007
Amberley - Parham - Storrington - Pulborough
12 miles

We've got no bike at the moment, one of the cylinders is not firing properly, most probably due to an engine management fault, so we had to use the train to get us to Amberley this morning. We headed straight up Amberley Mount and walked through the Springhead estate access land to Rackham Hill. Then we dropped off of the Downs to Parham Estate, popped into Storrington to get some food and then continued through Pulborough Brooks to the station. We didn't take much food with us today so we were hoping to munch on blackberries all the way. Unfortunately all the berries we came across were very small and not very sweet. Quite a surprise considering all the rain we've had this year.
There were lots of kestrels along the Downs today, we must have seen at least 10 of them. Other sightings included; redstart, kingfisher, snipe, woodpeckers, buzzards and a dead slow worm.

We found lots of puffballs in Parham Estate.

The lake at Parham House

There were balloons everywhere today. At Pulborough there were 8 in the air at the one time as well as gliders too.