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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 8th April 2004
Pulborough Brooks

I had a new rear tyre fitted to the bike today and I put on a new number plate too. After that we were free to go out, so we had a quick jaunt to Pulborough Brooks. It was a very relaxing visit and the weather was very sunny. Still no views of the Hawfinches and we are beginning to think that there so called presence is all a conspiracy to get people to visit.
We did see our first Swallows of the year today and there were also a male Scaup and 3 Little Grebes diving out on the brooks. 

Here's a shot I managed to get of a green woodpecker pecking a new hole in a large tree at the Hanger. The tree is already full of holes so we are not sure why he was starting a new one. He wasn't feeding, he was chipping away for about 20 minutes or so.