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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Sunday 8th March 2009
Seven Sisters Sheep Centre

We'd been meaning to come here for ages as we love sheep. If you like walking in Sussex, then you pretty soon learn to love sheep. They are everywhere; steadily mowing the meadows and fertilising the land you're walking on (land made mostly from their droppings) and are so docile and so silly that everyone gets a soft spot for them. When you consider that the sheep have been here shaping our landscape, giving us their wool, milk and flesh since the Neolithic age, and are even the original source of Britain's wealth prior to the industrial revolution, then you realise that we owe these silly, fluffy things a great deal of gratitude.
So today, with lambing just beginning and a new generation of sheep commencing their oh too short lives, we took ourselves down to West Dean to welcome them, thank them, feed them, and get ourselves completely covered in lanolin.

All the pregnant ewes waiting in the pre-natal area.

A new Suffolk mum


A Lincoln Longwool