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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Sunday 2nd February 2009
Alford (in Surrey) ~ Brewhurst Mill ~ Loxwood ~ Alford
7 miles (of mud)

Gill planned our route today and because of her insane jealousy of my freshly-bought, brand new, Brasher hiking boots, she purposely sent us through oceans of mud for the whole seven sloppy miles! For some unknown reason she decided we should start just across the border at Alfold in Surrey. I keep telling her that I don't like going abroad to foreign parts, but she was in charge today so I let it lie and bit my lip.
Well sure enough, those sneaky Surrey people had been messing around with the sign posts again and poor Gill got a bit lost and confused around Monkton Hook, right on the border of our own fair county. We made a drunk's progress through the woods but by luck, pure chance and using a trusty compass we made it across the perimeter and were soon once again skipping along on the superbly signposted footpaths and bridleways of dear old West Sussex. Phew!
All we had to do then was to walk along the Wey & Arun canal until it met the Sussex Border Path, but at Loxwood the footpath is closed due to restoration of Loxwood Lock. Fortunately the hard working volunteers were there beavering away and took pity on us. They let us through their building site saving us a mile of detour and giving us a good view of their efforts.
The terrain today was mostly woodland and farmland and so the birds we saw reflected that. Quite a few woodpeckers about with some drumming and calling, a Sparrowhawk and a Kestrel in view at the same time, Long-tailed Tits, Buzzards, Goldfinches as well as a lone male Stonechat and a Goldcrest.

New boots, prior to all the mud

St Nicholas', Alfold

Volunteers working hard at the Loxwood New Lock

A novel gate/stile thingy

Meet me at the sign of the goat!

Brewhurst Mill. There was no brew and the mill don't work!

Gill, just before performing a perfect swan dive.

Thanks a lot Gill........