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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 7th October 2006
Pulborough Brooks

I decided to go to Pulborough Brooks for dawn this morning, that meant getting there just before 7am. Gill informed me that it was necessary for her to stay in bed and do some very important snoring instead.
It was her loss, as the morning was totally gorgeous with a huge moon to light my way there, and bright sunshine in a clear sky to follow.
As I walked towards Nettley's hide I was surrounded by Black Fallow Deer and rabbits galore. At Nettley's it was good to see that the water was back to normal levels and that hundreds of birds were making the most of it. The air was full of lapwings, which were thrown into panic when a juvenile peregrine falcon blundered through them. It landed in the field and stayed there for about 10 minutes giving me great views. The lapwings got their own back by dive bombing it until it got fed up and left

The wet weather has been good for the fungus. This one is a parasol.

Water levels are looking a bit more healthy now.

Here's one of my normal fuzzy bird photos. This one is of the peregrine.