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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Sunday 7th September 2008
Bignor - Glatting Beacon - Barlavington - Sutton - Bignor
7 miles

We tried to go for a walk yesterday but after 2 minutes on the bike we turned round and went home again. The rain was torrential and didn't stop for most of the day. Large parts of the country got flooded and we got very damp socks!
Today, even though the sky looked threatening, we decided to risk it. Our luck paid off and we were treated to a good strenuous walk (mostly uphill) in warm sweaty conditions. We kept ourselves refreshed by munching on blackberries and elderberries as we marched.
Lots of great views hereabouts, even though visibility wasn't that great for us today. Coming onto Barlavington Down we watched five deer gallop across its face and flush out a brown hare as they shot past it.

We searched this ancient barn in Bignor unsuccessfully for roosting owls

The first part of the walk goes along this stream trickling down from the hills.

A swallow resting up before the big push to Africa


The striking roof on Bignor church