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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Monday 14th - Wednesday 16th July 2014
Pulborough - Gumber Farm - Washington - Pulborough
30 miles

It felt like a good time to take a 3 day hike by myself. I had the time off, I needed to lose a bit of weight (just a little bit alright!) and I needed some stamina training with a heavy pack. The weather was also set to be warm and sunny and the meadows on the Downs were all in full flower, so I said goodbye to Gill and caught the train to Pulborough. My plan was to walk to Gumber Bothy via Stopham Bridge, Greatham Bridge, Watersfield and Bignor on the first day; plod along the SDW through Amberley and onto Washington the next and then wander back to Pulborough via Sullington, Storrington and Pulborough Brooks on the last day. That's a total of 30 miles, not too far for three days hiking but as it turned out what with the heat and the heavy pack it was quite far enough thank you very much.

Thanks to all of the recent rains the countryside is extremely lush and green right now.

A collection of bell tents near Hardham pumping station.
I love the old traditional bell tents, I camped in one as a kid.

Greatham Bridge.

Bignor Church, which now has had an extension built to house the toilets (closed)

The beautiful farm just above Bignor. When I win the lottery I shall make them an offer they can't refuse!

Gumber Farm campsite and bothy. A great spot but with very noisy sheep!
If you go there take some ear plugs.

Altocumulus floccus at Sundown on Bignor Hill.

Coming over Westburton Hill down into Amberley. Rackham Hill and Chanctonbury Ring in the distance.

Toby's stone.

Amberley Mount.

My camp at Washington campsite. Kettle on the go on the Trangia.

Sullington Church

Virga over Chantry Hill.

A stop at the pub at Storrington and there were goats in the beer garden!

Going through Cootham Gliding Club

Back to the River Arun and Pulborough. The hike is nearly over but I want to continue for another week!

Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.