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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 7th June 2008
Pulborough - Stopham - Petworth - Fittleworth - Pulborough
15 miles

We were late starting today because we overslept, so by the time we arrived back at Pulborough after our walk it was 10 pm and dark. By then we had had a fantastic days walk and a mini wildlife safari. The countryside between Pulborough and Petworth is particularly beautiful with lots of huge houses and tiny hamlets along the way. Many people in the area must own horses as there were large herds in some of the fields we had to walk through. The horses were really friendly and followed us all the way through their fields.  The weather was really hot all day but with a welcome cool breeze whenever we passed through one of the frequently encountered woods. In the evening the fragrance from the honeysuckle made us feel ravenous and we quickened our pace for the train home. On passing through a farm called High Hoes we made sure we sang the dwarf song.
We saw a Hobby and a Cuckoo at Stopham church, we stopped at Shopham Bridge to see the visiting Red-backed Shrike there, and, as the sun was beginning to set near Fittleworth, we watched a Little Owl watching us. When we finally trudged back into Pulborough we were entertained by Pipistrelle bats hunting insects along the street by the church.
This walk was a real good 'un and we can thoroughly recommend it. Its easy to find your way, so go for it!

Stopham Bridge

Very friendly horses with Petworth House in the background

This footpath is used by up to 10 people an hour, so a turn-stile was called for !?

The view from June's first potential "bench of the month" at Petworth

We found this incredibly light nest that had fallen out of a tree.
It was made of grass, moss and downy feathers.

The Red-backed Shrike at Shopham Bridge

Gill contemplates the way ahead from another potential "bench of the month" near Fittleworth

The view from that bench

Little Owl sitting on the telephone wires just outside Fittleworth

Fittleworth Church with its unusual dormer windows - and a chimney!?
It was closed by the time we got there, so another visit is called for.