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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man

Monday 7th May 2007
Birling Gap - Alfriston - Jevington - Friston - Birling Gap
15 miles

This 15 mile walk was in the same area as the
Beachy Head walk but took in the neighbouring villages of Alfriston, Jevington and Friston as well as the Friston Forest. The weather forecast was not good, but we thought "what the heck, let's go for it". We parked at Birling gap and headed off across the Seven Sisters in what seemed like a force 10 gale, with wind-blown chalk from the cliffs hitting us in the face as we staggered against the onslaught up numerous steep inclines. I loved it, but Gill was a bit more ambiguous on the matter. The views of course were as spectacular as they always are, never mind the weather, which got better as the day went on. The walk today was very long and strenuous, partly due to the wind, but we did see a fox cub and we probably lost 10 pounds in weight!

Very bracing along here today, to say the least!

Cuckmere meanders and Exceat.

Alfriston in the near distance.

The White Horse of Wilmington as seen from near Litlington.