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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Sunday 7th January 2007
Coldwaltham Brooks

Seeing as we love the place so much, and a Hen Harrier has been seen there lately, we rode down to Coldwaltham Brooks near Pulborough. The moment we got on the raised path that follows the river I spotted the harrier flying low over the marshy reed beds. It landed in a small bush momentarily and then disappeared. We didn't get to see it again unfortunately but our luck was in today as we managed to dodge rain clouds all day.
The brooks and marshes in this area of Sussex are of an extremely rare type. Pulborough Brooks, Amberley Wild Brooks and Coldwaltham Brooks are a haven for plant and animal species. Many of the rarest plant species in Sussex can be found in this area of floodplain around the River Arun. Marsh Mallow, Ivy-leafed Crowfoot, Greater Water-Parsnip, Marsh Cinquefoil to name just a few.

We really thought that we would quickly get soaked today. As it was we were left totally unscathed!

Greatham bridge.
The car park here at Greatham Bridge is a good place to start off from for a walk on Coldwaltham or Amberley Wild Brooks.

This little place right by the river we have named "Ratty's House".

Walking south on the Western bank of the Arun. Coldwaltham brooks on the right, Amberley Wild Brooks on the left.

As usual, no good for humans - great for everything else!