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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man

Saturday 7th January 2006
Lewes - Newhaven

On waking up, we found that it was snowing heavily in Crawley. Even so, Dickie came and picked us up at 9.30am and we set off for Lewes as planned. We parked up near the station and then walked down to the River Ouse and followed the Sussex Ouse Valley Walk across the brooks all the way to Newhaven. This is an easy walk of about 7 miles and the weather here was good apart from being a bit on the murky side.
Along the way we saw several kestrels, a Sparrowhawk, a very pale-headed Buzzard, a Peregrine falcon, common sandpipers, little egrets, grey herons and redshanks. We stopped at Rodmell to see if we could spot the Short-eared Owls, but the weather must have made them stay at home. Instead we brewed up a cuppa and had a snack.
When we got to Newhaven we had excellent views of  2 kingfishers and also saw 5 little grebes. A great end to a great walk.
We were then able to get the train back to Lewes and get home by 5pm.

A view of part of the brooks, home to many many birds.

Gill & Dickie twitching!

The sun came out at Rodmell but the owls didn't!

Newhaven Harbour, where the kingfishers live.