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Green Man
Saturday 6th June 2015
Crawley - Newdigate - Leith Hill - Rusper - Crawley
30 miles

This was a very different day out for us. We took the bicycles for a spin and ended up doing 30 miles and climbing the highest point on Southeast England. Fair enough that isn't exactly high, we're not living in the Alps here, but for two people who usually use their velocipedes solely for shopping and short jaunts this was a real marathon.
We got to Newdigate with far more ease than we could have imagined so decided to push on for Leith Hill. The very last part was the bridleway to the top and there was no way a couple of old-timers like us were going to cycle up, so a last 'push' got us to our lunch spot.

Riding back we must have become really warmed up as we got into a real rhythm and belted it back to Crawley, flashing through Rusper without even stopping there. We did notice however that the Plough is now closed. Many a good night and dinnertime we've had there over the years. Let's hope it opens again soon.

As you can see we have neither the bikes or the clobber for this sort of thing but we managed just the same.

First objective achieved: Newdigate village and the church.
No heart attack so far.

A house name and a reminder of our main preoccupation right now - The TT.

We stuck to the smaller roads for most of the day and why not when they're like this.

The tower on the top of Leith Hill and we celebrate not having a stroke by taking in the view, drinking tea and eating cake.


Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.