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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man

Good Friday 6th April 2007
Pevensey levels

The weather man said it was going to be a hot day, so we took him at his word and rode to Pevensey in East Sussex. Just before we arrived a suicidal pheasant walked out in front of us and no matter where I steered, he made sure he was directly in front of my wheel. I had to come to a complete stop. NUTTER!
From the ruined castle at Pevensey we set off northwards on the 1066 trail across the Pevensey levels to Herstmonceux. On the way we passed through the hamlet of Rickney where we watched a kingfisher fishing. At Herstmonceux we saw the huge science centre with its many telescopes and also the perfectly maintained Herstmonceux Castle.  From Herstmonceux we headed southwest through Wartling and down to the coast at Normans bay station. On the way we saw a fox with a limp (which suddenly disappeared when he saw us) and a brown hare who was doing some shadow boxing.  There were Chiffchaffs everywhere today as well as red and white tailed bumblebees. Amongst the rapeseed plants there were also lots of peacock butterflies.
At Normans bay station we had hoped to catch a train back to Pevensey. No trains today though because someone named Jesus had died 2000 years ago, so we jumped in a cab and were back on the Harley at 8pm. There was even a beautiful sunset this evening, so in all we had a perfect halcyon day on a walk that we can definitely recommend.

The path is very well signposted with these. No chance of getting lost!

Herstmonceux church amidst a sea of rapeseed.

Lots of Peacock Butterflies in this area today.

At the top of the hill is the science centre.

There are a lot of telescopes on the site.

Herstmonceux castle

The irrigation ditches make great places for wildlife to live.

Back to the bike for sunset.