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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
5th November 2005

We went for a walk along the River Ouse from Lewes down to Southease Bridge. We saw loads of birds, but the highlights were a Cattle Egret and 3 Kingfishers. We then left the river and climbed the South Downs to Firle Beacon and then dropped down into Firle. After a swift one in the pub there we walked up to Glynde for the train back to Lewes. We were going to stay in Lewes for the fireworks but the place was far too packed for comfort, so we left and had a great night at Dickie's place instead.

The River Ouse near Rodmell

Climbing up onto the Downs from Southease Bridge

Firle Beacon looking back towards Lewes.

The downs just above the village of Firle.