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Green Man

Thursday 5th July 2007
Pulborough Brooks - Adders

A day off for me today so that I could rest my little grey cells. As is normal when I am in need of recuperation, I went to Pulborough brooks. I noticed in the sightings book that someone had seen a couple of adders earlier on in the day and so I made the decision to try and hunt some out. Between Winpenny hide and Little hangar hide I hit the mother-load. I eventually found six adders and I visited them all several times over the space of a couple of hours. I saw that they were all coloured differently with shades ranging from beige to almost black and that they were quite docile and sleepy which was probably due to the cooler weather. It was possible to get up very close to them if I moved slowly and gently. Sometimes they moved back into cover, but if I stayed where I was, they would come back out again. It was almost as if their eyesight was very poor.

This one seemed to be digesting a meal.

A really good view of the V marking on the head between the eyes.

Adder (Vipera berus) in motion.

I'm off!