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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man

Saturday 5th June 2021
South Harting - Torberry Hill - West Harting - East Harting -
Round Down  - Whitcombe Bottom - Harting Down - South Harting.
~ 10 miles in old money or 16km if you prefer.

A hot sunny dash westwards on the bike, on a clean and sticky A272. Nothing better in life, apart from a good walk in glorious countryside perhaps.
When we got round to boot bashing we realised that our second hike after the lockdown was going to be another proper test of our metal. Twenty six degrees and very little shade god help us but we did have plenty of fluids, food, sun cream and a peaked cap each.
Donkey's years of experience meant we were properly prepared but ages sitting around in lockdown meant our bodies were not so fortunate. We did pretty good for a couple of old 'uns but after a super-fast hack back to HQ we were completely done in. We are starting to get our old fitness back though and that's a good job too as I'm guiding young people up Snowdon in October and I need to be as fit as a 12 year old by then.
We hadn't done this particular route since 2015 and thankfully it hasn't changed too much. In fact it seems a lot has been done by the large farms and estates to help the wildlife. Harting Down in particular is a jewel in Sussex's crown, so make sure you go and explore - but please take good care of our special places. Don't take your bike onto Footpaths, just use Bridleways. Keep your dog on a long leash to protect our nesting birds and please take all of your rubbish, even fruit peel and cigarette butts, home with you. In that way these places can remain intact for everyone to enjoy forever.
As many signs in this area ask: Take nothing but photos : leave nothing but footprints.

Our start point. South Harting church

Lovely green footpath around Little Torberry and Torberry Hill.

Please look after our county!

A honeybee nest in an old tree stump

Lots of agricultural land at the foot of the hills.

There were a few small sections on tiny lanes.

Red Kite

Back to the top of the Downs

Whitcombe Bottom

Back to the brow of the Downs again.

And a lovely little path back down to South Harting and the bike.

Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.