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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
November 4th - 7th 2016
The Peak District, Derbyshire

We had a little bit more holiday left and we knew that wherever we went at this time of year it would be quiet and peaceful with no queues and hardly anyone about. For those reasons we chose to go to the Peak District, which during the season is a very busy place and apparently the most popular of all the UK National Parks. We decided that our main objective was to go to the hamlet of Edale and begin the Pennine Way, just as I did 38 years ago when as a stupid 16 year-old I was dropped there by my parents and not seen again for nearly a month. I've always wanted to visit here again and see if the route up Jacob's Ladder and Kinder Scout was still as bloomin' awful as I remember it. We also wanted to visit because Kinder Scout is a very special place to British people who love the mountains, as this was the site of the famous mass trespass.

November 4th
Kinder Scout - Kinder Downfall - Crowden Head and back.  13 miles

Today we are only doing 7 miles of it, taking a small diversion to show Gill what the peat bogs are like and then
retracing our steps back to Edale.

Looking back to the start of Jacob's Ladder and a steep climb up it is too. It's much easier since the stone steps were erected in 1987.
I remember sliding back a foot for every 3 feet we went forward on the slippery mud slope back in 1978.

From the top the view opens up.

The rocks along the top are like Disneyland to anyone who enjoys scrambling and rockhopping etc.
We lost ourselves completely while skipping through Edale and Cluther Rocks.

The rock is millstone grit and very grippy. Perfect for leaping about on.

Some of the stones balance on only 3 small points.

The spectacular Kinder Downfall waterfall or at least it would be close to spectacular if it had been raining recently.


Walking back and sunset over Cluther Rocks.

Like us, the rocks were also watching the stars in the clear night sky.

Down Jacob's Ladder in the dark was fun.

Take the time to read the countryside code for yourself and please stick to it at all times.