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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man
Easter Sunday 4th April 2010
Amberley - Rackham Hill - The Burgh - North Stoke - Amberley
6.5 miles

It's been pretty rough since the accident a week or so ago: I've been laid up good and proper with bashed up ribs and we found out yesterday that our bike's a right-off. All in all we were feeling pretty grim, and despite the clues to the contrary I convinced myself I was well enough to go for a short walk. It's said that the further a Sussex man gets from the Downs, the more unhappy he becomes, so for solace and for rejuvenation I steered the Suzuki GT 1250 replacement bike gingerly down to Amberley. I figured that seeing as the doctor told me to breathe deeply to prevent lung infection, it would be helpful to plod my way slowly up Rackham Hill.
Ok, I'm a doctor, but a PhD not an M.D and I got it all totally wrong. By the time we got to the Burgh I'd had more than enough for the day but thankfully by then it was all downhill. Not as far as wildlife watching was concerned though, as we got great views of our target for the day - boxing, mating, mad, March/April hares.

The replacement bike until the insurance cheque comes and we can buy another Harley.

The busy moles on Springhead Estate have brought lots of chalk to the surface
and we checked to see if they'd also unearthed something Roman too. You never know!

We successfully dodged showers all day, both on foot and on bike.

Boxing and briefly mating Brown hares.