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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Nature walks throughout the year
Green Man

Sunday 4th March 2007
Kew Gardens, London

While Andy stayed at home doing the housework, I had a day out with my dad at Kew Gardens

My dad

We went to see the Intensely Tropical display of Orchids and other exotic plants in the Princess of Wales Conservatory.  We went by train up to Clapham Junction then on to Richmond and got the bus from there to the Victoria Gate of the Gardens.  My dad was born in Mortlake, which is on the way, so he knows the area really well.  From the train he pointed out the “pepper pot” tower on the church where mum and him were married, and also the graveyard where his mother is buried.
It was forecast to rain all day today and that’s exactly what it did, but the flowers were great and then we had a rather soggy walk to the river through the gardens.
I'm afraid Andy never usually lets me near the camera, so my pix are not great, but here are some of the better efforts.  Can't tell you any botanical names either, sorry.

That is not my hand!


There is also a fair bit of fauna in the gardens.

This is an axolotl for anyone who doesn't know already.