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Sussex Scrapbook ~ Wildlife walks throughout the year
Green Man
Saturday 4th February 2006
Ashdown Forest

The bike had been off the road for over a week with a punctured tyre, but it was fixed 2 days ago by Spanner (thanks Dave). So it was time for a ride! Being as it was totally taters, we only had a short run out to Ashdown Forest, to once again hunt for the blinking shrike. Once again it managed to dodge our dragnet, but we did have a few good 'spots': Treecreeper, marsh tit, great spotted woodpecker, crossbills, meadow pipits and goldcrests. We also found a number of puffballs and the leg of a deer!! That was the only bit of any deer we saw that day.

No shrike here!

Or here!


A good example of a witches broom.

Just one of the hundreds of wood piles in Old Lodge Nature Reserve. This is why adders are so numerous there.

Me, in full birdwatching regalia. 

One of the many common puffballs we found.